The course that gives you a seamless process for landing your ideal clients 
and spotting the nightmare ones from a mile away.
I’m ready to land my ideal clients - Give me the course for just $37!

Sound familiar?

You land the new client,  agree on the scope, and start working. 

And then, it quickly becomes clear that... 

...your client is hard to work with.’ve bitten off more than you can chew. and your client have different ideas of what your role is.

...the budget is too small.

...the timeline is too tight.

You have an amazing discovery call, say all the right things, and have the client eating out of the palm of your hand. 

You write a killer proposal, outlining exactly what you think they need.
I mean, it's not what they said they needed, but you can read between the lines. You are, after all THE expert. 

And then you hit "send."

You follow-up.

And then follow-up again.

Nothing. You've been ghosted. 

We've all been there

In hindsight, there are a million...

...questions you could have asked upfront
...details you could have put in your proposal
...ways you could have been more clear

that would have given both you AND your client the information needed to make the right decision. 

Welcome to 

the plug-and-play system that will take you from discovery call to perfect proposal

Here’s exactly what we'll cover

🧐 Know exactly what to ask clients during the first call to ensure the project is a good fit AND get the information you need for a perfect proposal 

📑 Have a plug-and-play proposal template that wins the clients you want and protects you from project pitfalls 

Here's exactly what you'll get

Video modules to walk you through each step of the process
Never more than 10 minutes long. I get straight to the point with what you need to know and skip all of the useless commentary. 

A full package of editable templates that you can use in Word/Xcel or upload as Google docs/sheets
No static PDFs here - these are tools you can actually use. 

Discovery call script

A proven script for interviewing clients so that you understand what they actually want, uncover red flags, and get the information you need to write a winning proposal. 

Proposal template

A step-by-step template that utilizes information from your client interview questions to write a seamless proposal in no time flat. This includes fill-in-the-blank sections for the project overview, scope & deliverables (including a timeline), and budget & billing. 

Project budget template

For those more complicated projects, an Xcel template that has all of the pieces you need for a professional project budget. 

PLUS a bonus Services one-pager template

This is a step-by-step template to help you define what you do and how you do it, and then organize your services in a professional format for your clients. 

Only $37?? Give me the plug-and-play system!

Buy Conversation to Contract
and walk away with


The confidence to use your expertise to guide clients instead of just saying yes to everything.


The skills to identify projects that are doomed for failure BEFORE you get involved 


The freedom to be choosy about the people and projects you take on, not desperate to take on anything you can


The opportunity to say yes (or no) to clients instead of talking them into saying yes to you


You are an expert in your field.

You know all of the intricacies of what it takes to do the work.

Sometimes that can prevent you from getting the information you need upfront. 

Don't let your expertise cloud your thinking. 

Get a proven system for taking your ideal clients from initial conversation to signed contract


That's where I come in.

I’m Sarah Duran... 

project and client management expert, and seasoned solopreneur. 

I’m super picky about the types of projects I take on, the people I work with, and the way I commit my time. I’ve made the mistake of taking on projects that aren’t a great fit in exchange for a period of financial certainty. What I learned was, while I need to maintain a base level of financial sustainability, making concessions around the work I take on to achieve anything above that base level actually diminishes my ability to be a good freelancer, parent, and partner.

I created the Conversation to Contract process so that I could identify the right clients and projects from the beginning AND write proposals that win the right ones every time. 

A lot of solopreneurs get sucked into never saying no to work...I get that. But if you use a systematized process for vetting your clients from the beginning you'll get more of the right work, which will lead to more satisfied clients, referrals, and repeat projects. 


Just the Templates


All of the fully editable
Conversation to Contract templates 

  • Services one-pager template
  • Discovery call script
  • Proposal template
  • Project budget template

The Full Course


Videos modules to walk you through each step of the process


All of the fully editable 
Conversation to Contract templates 

  • Services one-pager template
  • Discovery call script
  • Proposal template
  • Project budget template

Still got questions? I've got answers.

Still not sure? I’ve got your back.

If you buy the course and aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund within 10 days of purchase.

If you just buy the templates those are final sale. 

Get the Conversation to Contract Course for just $37