The Freelance Revolution Podcast

The Freelance Revolution Podcast

Hosted by: Leah Meyers & Sarah Duran

The Freelance Revolution Podcast is hosted by Leah Meyers & Sarah Duran. We do different work as freelancers, find our clients in different ways, and have different business models. The thing that unites us is a...

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Episode 4: Do you date your clients or marry them?

In this episode, we talk about short-term vs. long-term clients. What's the right balance? How do you get (and keep) long-term clients? How do you know if you want to "marry" a client instead of just "date" them?
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Episode 3: Finding work through a platform vs networking

In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of finding work through platforms like Upwork or through networking. We each do it differently and each have likes and dislikes to both.
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Episode 2: The Freelance Alignment Formula

This week we talk about the Freelance Alignment Framework - how to align yourself with work, life, and others.
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Episode1: Communication Dos and Don'ts

Communication! How to do it, how not to do it, and how not to let it drive you crazy as a freelancer. Here are just a few of the things we covered this month: Communication styles & tone Client check-in best...
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