Episode 5: Doing What You Love with Shiela Pialago

Shiela and I hit it off when I was on her podcast and never looked back. She's a multi-talented freelancer who loves what she does and sharing it with others.

Shiela is a skilled Digital Project Manager and Growth Marketing Enthusiast who is deeply committed to helping businesses and organizations achieve their growth objectives. With nearly a decade of experience in the healthcare and fintech industries, Shiela has developed an impressive portfolio of skills that include SEO content writing, social media management, podcast outreach, and marketing coordination. In recent years, Shiela has taken on more senior roles such as Digital Marketing Direction, Marketing Systems Building and Development, and Global Team Project Management and Leadership. She is highly skilled in leading and managing teams of professionals to achieve project objectives, and her expertise in digital marketing strategy has helped numerous organizations achieve their business goals. Shiela is also the host of The Rockstar VA Podcast, a self-produced show that provides valuable insights and tips to VAs, freelancers, and business owners. Her podcast aims to address prevalent concerns between VAs and clients, and she provides real-time, real-life insights about the ever-changing dynamics of online communications. What sets Shiela apart is her dedication to being C.P.R. - communicative, proactive, and relevant. She firmly believes in serving businesses and organizations that 'pay it forward', and she envisions a world where there is a respectful, equitable, and genuine community of progressive entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and dynamic philanthropists. If you're looking to collaborate or work with Shiela, you can connect with her on her website at https://www.shielapialago.com/.

To learn more about Sarah go to www.fruitioninitiatives.com 


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