You became your own boss to do what you love...

not spend endless hours on admin work and customer service.

The answer is

The course that gives freelancers, consultants, and solopreneurs
replicable systems to do their best work in less time.

No fancy software, natural organization skills, or type A personality required. 

I’m ready to run my business instead of letting it run me - Give me the course for just $67!


Dropping balls with your clients
“I know I was supposed to get you that yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't provide an update, I've just got a lot going on.”

Spending all of your time doing admin work instead of what you're actually good at
Like last week when you spent 10 hours answering emails and figuring out what you were supposed to be doing instead of actually doing it. 

Letting the logistics get in the way of your expertise
You thought you clearly explained the process to your client but they act like they have no idea what's going on. 


Kicking off each project with a clear plan that sets you up for success
"I'm so glad you bought our logo package, here's exactly what comes with that and what the process looks like." 

Using easy systems to keep yourself on track and update your clients on progress
“Here's your weekly status report and I've updated the agenda for our check-in meeting." 

Closing out your work so that you're their go-to for every project moving forward 
Close-out call ✔️
Testimonial ✔️
Proposal for next project ✔️

You are an expert in your field but the logistics of running your business are taking over your life and compromising the quality of your work.


Clients and sales won’t translate to success without a process that allows you to deliver on your promises without losing your mind. 

Welcome to 

professional project management systems and strategies
built specifically for freelancers, consultants, and solopreneurs

Here’s exactly what we'll cover

📈 Plan out your work so that your clients understand the process and you can execute seamlessly.

✅ Keep everything on track with your clients, other contractors, and your own time.

🤝 Close out so that everyone is satisfied and you've primed your client for repeat work.

Here's exactly what you'll get

Video modules to walk you through each step of the process
Never more than 10 minutes long. I get straight to the point with what you need to know and skip all of the useless commentary. 

Project Pro has three modules:

  1. Plan Like a Pro
    • Facilitate a kick-off meeting that will get everyone on the same page
    • Organize your project into an overarching timeline with key phases, deliverables, and deadlines
  2. Execute with Finesse 
    • Systemize your work
    • Create a communication structure to keep everything on track
    • Utilize tracking systems to keep your client informed about progress
    • Adapt your plans along the way to adjust as things change
  3. Seal the Deal
    • Develop a process for debriefing projects and your effectiveness 
    • Utilize client wrap-up best practices
    • Leverage your success for new work

A full package of editable templates that you can use in Word/Xcel/PPT or upload as Google docs/sheets/slides
No static PDFs here - these are tools you can actually use. 

  • Kick-off meeting slides: Wow your client right from the beginning. This deck gives you a fill-in-the-blank model for ensuring everyone is 100% clear on the scope, reviewing timelines and deliverables, getting clear on roles, and taking action on next steps.  
  • Project plan & dashboard: Keep everything on track with a clear plan that gives everyone a comprehensive picture of the whole project. This template also includes an automated status dashboard and a backlog to keep track of all of the ideas that aren’t within your scope. 
  • Project budget tracker: Use this budget to keep you and the client on track from contract through completion. 
  • Check-in meeting agenda: Get and give the info you need easily and organize your meetings with clients so you’re positioned as the expert driving the work forward.
  • Project update template: Send your clients regular, standardized updates with the key info they need so you’re not answering endless questions about “where things are at.”
  • Debrief meeting slides: Close out your projects like a pro with a deck that gives you a professional structure for reviewing results and understanding what worked/what can be better next time.
Only $67?? Give me the professional system!

I’m Sarah Duran... 

professional project manager and organizational expert. 

I manage projects for a living and I've been doing it for over a decade. I've overseen all types of projects including website creation, podcasts, program development, trade shows, and research projects. 

When I look at things I see process...I naturally see the way things fit together, how to get from point A to B. I'm also an obsessively organized person. 

That's not true for everyone and it doesn't need to be. All solopreneurs have to have project management systems but you don't have to be naturally good at it. 

I created Project Pro to give solopreneurs all of the professional project management tools, systems, strategies, and hacks I use with my clients every day. 

Here's what my clients are saying about me as a project manager...

Sarah has a way of seeing how people, systems, and projects fit together. She has helped us increase our operational efficiency by revamping our systems and processes. She also manages discreet projects with finesse, ensuring that everything is moving forward while also building buy-in and fostering collaboration. I see her as an integral part of our ongoing business strategy as we continue to scale."  

Whitney Johnson
Founder and CEO
WLJ Advisors

Sarah is one of the best project managers with whom I’ve ever worked. She’s not only extremely dependable and organized, but she anticipates future needs and potential pitfalls in a project that most others don’t. She’s the type of person I’d always want on a project, regardless of the content, because I know she will always make it better.

Sarah Forbes
Program Lead
Colorado Education Initiative

Sarah is one of the most organized and professional people I have ever worked with. She is an expert in managing projects, people, and facilitating planning. Without her guidance and expertise, I could not effectively manage a collaborative project for 60 teachers across 7 small, rural school districts that span a large geographic area. Her ability to problem solve in a variety of contexts is invaluable.

Kelly Strong
Regional Literacy Support Specialist
San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services

 Sarah is an operational mastermind with a gift of driving processes forward so that organizations can optimize their systems and grow. She is an invaluable partner and we are lucky to work with her.

Amy Humble
Co-Founder and CEO
White River Strategy

Sarah is an expert in establishing sustainable systems to ensure long-term success of a project. I hope I never have to do another project without her.

Dr. Allison Atteberry
Assistant Professor of Research & Evaluation Methodology
University of Colorado Boulder

Just the Templates


All of the fully editable Project Pro templates

  • Kick-off meeting slides
  • Project plan & dashboard
  • Project budget tracker
  • Check-in meeting agenda
  • Project update template
  • Debrief meeting slides

The Full Course


Videos modules to walk you through each step of the process

  • Plan Like a Pro: Tools and techniques for planning out your work so that your clients understand the process and you can execute seamlessly.
  • Execute with Finesse: Keep everything on track with your clients, other contractors, and your own time. 
  • Seal the Deal: Simple ways to close out each project so that you and your clients are satisfied, you’ve gathered feedback on your work, and primed your client for repeat work. 

PLUS all of the fully editable 
Project Pro templates

  • Kick-off meeting slides
  • Project plan & dashboard
  • Project budget tracker
  • Check-in meeting agenda
  • Project update template
  • Debrief meeting slides

With Project Pro you'll be ready to tackle anything your client throws at you with ease. 


Instead of sleepless nights, dropped balls, and missed deadlines you'll have...


Time to focus on what you're actually good at. 


Happy clients who rehire you over and over again. 


Systems in place that allow you to work smarter, not harder. 


Still got questions? I've got answers.

Still not sure? I’ve got your back.

If you buy the course and aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund within 10 days of purchase.

Get Project Pro for just $67