You’ve already done the hard work of starting your own business

Now it’s time to fine-tune your work so that you’re actually getting what you need...EVERY. DAY.

Join the

An exclusive mastermind for solopreneurs who hustle smarter, not harder
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Are you really getting what you need out of your freelancing or consulting career?

You Became Your Own Boss So You Could...

Do work you love
Creating real results for people instead of busywork to make your boss look good

Work (or not) when you want, where you want, and how you want 
Costco at 11am on Tuesday, building a sales page on the beach, rocking the athlesiure 24/7

Pay yourself what you need every month
No more relying on .01% raises every year

But Now...

Your work isn't doing it for you anymore
"A year ago I would have been thrilled to get this contract and now I'm dreading it." 

You're chained to your computer every minute of the day...and night
Last-minute requests, 7pm fire drills, never-ending scope creep

The time vs. money equation isn't working like it used to
"There's only one of me, I only have so many hours, and I can only raise my rates so much."

How do you really know what it takes to go from surviving to thriving when you're a one-person show? 


You can keep guessing, testing, and getting advice from people who have no idea what you're going through...


you can join an exclusive community of solopreneurs 
and get the support + accountability you need
to actually make your work serve your life

Welcome to the

If you want to be devalued, unsatisfied, and controlled by your work,
go back and work for someone else


If you want to show your business who’s boss
and make solopreneurship live up to its promises…


Don't spend 1 more day dreaming about something different - Apply now

Here's how it works

Apply to Join

Each application is vetted carefully to make sure the group is diverse, cohesive, and meets the needs of each member.

Define Your Goals

If your application is accepted you'll get instant access to my proprietary goal-setting process for solopreneurs and one individual coaching call to define what you want to achieve in your work and life.

 Thrive Together

Join our calls once a month for targeted content and real-talk focused on what you need to thrive as a solopreneur. how much does it cost?

I'm glad you asked

The Solopreneur Collaborative
is $197 a month

with a minimum three-month commitment

Here's everything you get for $197 a month

The Hustler's Guide to Goals

This is THE comprehensive guide that will walk you through the process of making your business serve your life. A full goal-setting and accountability process to help you:

  1. Get super clear on what solopreneurship needs to give you
  2. Create goals that actually mean something 
  3. Establish clear milestones
  4. Adjust course as things change

We're not talking about those BS goal-setting strategies from your old HR department, where you set meaningless targets that sit on a shelf...This is goal-setting for people who hustle and have no time for big dreams that never actually come to fruition. 

One 30-minute Individual Coaching Session

We'll kick off your mastermind experience with a one-on-one coaching session where we'll define your goals, refine your plan, and talk explicitly about how the mastermind can support you. 

One 2-hour Mastermind Session Each Month

These sessions are live, intimate, small-group sessions via Zoom where you'll have the opportunity to work with an expert solopreneur coach and a curated group of like-minded solopreneurs who are going through the exact same thing you are. 

Customized Content that Addresses Your Needs 

During each session, we'll cover content based on the needs and issues arising in the group. Members will have the opportunity to suggest and vote on proposed topics. For each session, I'll provide curated content, resources, and discussion topics. 

Potential topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • Finding clients (marketing, networking)
  • Finding the right clients (cool people + work you love + $ you deserve)
  • Managing clients (meeting deadlines, communication)
  • Business model (how you structure your work)
  • Money (pricing, billing, $ management)
  • Project management (workflow)
  • Confidence (being the boss you know you are)
  • Time management (efficiency, productivity)
Expert Facilitation 

For a fraction of the cost of individual coaching, you'll have access to a seasoned solopreneur (and trained facilitator) who regularly coaches other solopreneurs on goal-setting, business development, and project management. 

I curate a specific group of solopreneurs who have complimentary goals, issues, and expertise and then use targeted facilitation techniques to cultivate an effective group-learning environment.

In other words, this isn't a free-for-all with a bunch of amateurs giving you "advice," this is an expertly facilitated experience with a group of solopreneurs selected by hand based on what they have to offer the group. 

Individualized Support

Each member will have the opportunity to be in the "hot seat" where you'll get to present your specific problem or questions to the group and then get real-time brainstorming, suggestions, and advice. 

A Community of People Who Get You

The Solopreneur Collaborative also has a member-only forum and community where we'll encourage you to chase the big dream, hold you accountable for doing it, and then virtually pop champagne when you achieve it. Not to mention regular tips, resources, discussion topics, and collaboration opportunities. 

I'm ready to make entrepreneurship live up to it's promises!

Solopreneurship is a journey

All you need is a map

Hi, I'm Sarah. I make maps. 

I’m Sarah Duran. 

Serial solopreneur and consistent six-figure freelancer. 

I would not be where I am without the incredible mentors and peers I've had along the way. People I could call on who’d been through what I was experiencing... and who would guide me through the tough times. I’m super grateful to them because they’re the reason why I’m here for you today.

I created the Solopreneur Collaborative to give others the network that I had. 

I'm not the kind of coach who tells you what to do in theory and I'm not an expert in everything...I'm a real-life six-figure solopreneur who knows first hand the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make a business work and the single-minded focus it takes to not give up. 

I use my background in coaching, goal-setting, and facilitation (+ my extensive experience as a freelancer and business consultant) to create a mastermind experience like no other. 

I'm not here to give you all the answers, I'm here to give you a framework and community of support, so you can connect the dots yourself. 

What people say about working with me

"Sarah has been a huge support and fantastic coach for me as I've grown my business - helping me think through what kind of business I want to run and how I want my business to support the life I want to live."

Macy Robinson
Founder, Uplight Creative + Strategy

"Working with Sarah not only provided me insight on strengths and talents that I already possessed but also helped me develop them further for more practical use and execution."

Jade Ortiz
Founder, Pailou Therapy 

"Working with Sarah has transformed how I run my business. I have a new perspective and have MORE time because I have implemented the processes that Sarah recommends. I truly feel like I am now running my business instead of letting it run me."

Leah Meyers
Founder, The Freelance Solution

The Solopreneur Collaborative

is an application-only, small group mastermind

This IS for solopreneurs who

  • Want to pivot to new services, products, or business models
  • Want to do what they already do better, faster, and/or at a higher profit margin
  • Need to (re-)align their business and their life
  • Are ready and able to support other solopreneurs as part of a community
  • Want to make a change but need a little guidance and external accountability 

This ISN'T for solopreneurs who

  • Are just getting started
  • Are looking for a place to promote themselves
  • Are interested in making money at any cost 
  • Are resigned to working too many hours for crappy people at terrible rates
  • Like competing instead of working together to succeed
  • Want to complain about what's not working but not do anything to change it

You're no amateur, you've tried...


Asking people you know and trust (who also have no idea what you do) about what to do next for your business. 


Paying for templates, courses, or workshops (maybe even a coach) that gives you quick fixes but not lasting results. 


Doing the work on your own of brainstorming, trying different things, setting "big goals" only to not follow through. 

You can keep guessing at the right next steps for your business


you can join a community of people who can help you turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones

I'm tired of the quick-fixes - I want a community of support

Still got questions? I've got answers.

Other questions?

Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

Still not sure? I’ve got your back.

The application is non-binding. If you decide this isn't a good fit for you, your business, or your bank problem. If your application is accepted you'll have a deadline to pay for the mastermind to hold your spot. Once you've paid, you are committed to paying for three months. After that, cancel at any time. If you want to re-join, you'll have to wait six months before re-applying.