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Tiny but Mighty

Five Game-Changing Principles
That Create a Thriving Business of One


April 11, 2023 at 11am MST



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Your business is gaining momentum, and things are getting hard.
One day, you woke up and realized your business wasn’t giving you what you needed any more. 


Projects that used to feel fulfilling feel like a burden. 😮‍💨
Systems that used to run smoothly are breaking. 🎢
Money that used to feel like enough doesn’t feel worth it. 💸


You’re working all the time and not getting ahead 
OR your work has become so mindlessly easy that you can’t bring yourself to do it. 
You live in fear of balls being dropped,
having to say no to the right clients,
or quitting altogether…

…or the greatest fear of all, doing nothing and continuing to struggle forever. 


You’ve used band-aide measures to keep things from falling apart…
...buying all of the latest platforms to organize your time, money, and priorities
...hiring a VA or other support staff to take things off your plate  
But they don’t fix what’s broken and often end up taking up too much of your time to implement. 


These are all symptoms of a larger problem. 
You can keep trying to fix the symptoms,


you can learn the 5 Game-Changing Principles
so you can build a business that pushes you forward instead of holding you back. 

Register now for Tiny but Mighty, an interactive 90-Minute Virtual Workshop.

Together we’ll uncover the barriers holding your business back and
harness the power of Five Game-Changing Principals that will get you back on track. 

April 11, 2023 at 11am MST

​​Most people struggle and never ask for help
or give up on solopreneurship altogether.

You're not most people.

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"Sarah has been a huge support and fantastic coach for me as I've grown my business - helping me think through what kind of business I want to run and how I want my business to support the life I want to live."

Macy Robinson
Founder and CEO
Uplight Creative + Strategy

In addition to the Five Game-Changing Principles, in this 90-Minute Virtual Workshop, you will learn: 

  • Why solopreneurs are uniquely positioned to create agile business models that can adapt to meet their evolving needs. 
  • Where you are in the solopreneur life cycle and the specific challenges and opportunities associated with that stage of your business. 
  • A framework for diagnosing the symptoms that are holding you back from truly fulfilling work that gives you the life you want to live. 
  • A process for refreshing your business’s foundation so that you can focus on actions aligned with your strengths, needs, and values. 
  • Specific strategies for addressing challenges so you can intentionally guide your business into its next phase. 


We'll cover this and more in just 90-minutes, over Zoom, with cameras on and worksheets ready. 

April 11, 2023 at 11am MST

Register now, and choose to run your business instead of letting it run you. 

PS: Did I mention there are unicorns involved?  🦄 You don’t want to miss this.

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Check out this 6-minute video to hear about Anne's transformation.


I’m Sarah Duran,

a solopreneur coach who has helped freelancers from all over the world build better businesses. 

I’ve been there... figuring everything out alone, learning what works and doesn’t work for my clients, and constantly refining my business model to give me what I need in life. 

I built a six-figure business from scratch. 

I've spent over a decade helping people and organizations turn their ideas into action.

I combine my expertise in operations, organization, strategy, and planning with best practices in facilitation and coaching to help freelancers, consultants, and coaches design better businesses.

I have a passion for helping freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs thrive. 

I'm not the kind of coach who tells you what to do in theory, and I'm not an expert in everything… I'm a real-life solopreneur who knows firsthand the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make a business work and the single-minded focus it takes not to give up. 

I'm not here to give you all the answers; I'm here to provide you with a framework so you can connect the dots yourself.

You're a solopreneur at a crossroads.
You want work that serves your life, 
fulfills you, and meets your material needs.


You can wake up tomorrow and continue to live with a lackluster business,


or you can register now for Tiny but Mighty and build work that gives you the life you want.

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