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Add the Conversation to Contract Template Kit 

Everything you need to take your ideal client from initial conversation to signed contract. 

Services one-pager template:  A step-by-step template to help you define what you do, how you do it, and how you price it, and then organize your services in a professional format for your clients. 

Pre-contract conversation script: A proven script for interviewing clients so that you understand what they actually want, uncover red flags, and get the information you need to write a winning proposal. 

Proposal template: A step-by-step template that utilizes information from your services one-pager and your client interview questions to write a seamless proposal in no time flat. This includes fill-in-the-blank sections for the project overview, scope & deliverables (including a timeline), and budget & billing. 

Project budget template:  For those more complicated projects, an Xcel template that has all of the pieces you need for a professional project budget. 

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Project Pro Template Kit

Want to be able to focus on what you do best instead of wasting your time on all of the logistical aspects of your projects?

This template kit gives you everything you need to manage projects from start to finish like a true pro: 

👩🏻‍💼 Position yourself as a true professional with a methodical process  

✅ Meet all of your deadlines with ease

📋 Share information with your clients (and get the information you need) without having a million meetings

🗓 Use the meetings you do have to actually focus on the work

Download the templates, use them on your next project, and walk away feeling like a badass because you know you aced it. 

You’ll get a full package of fully editable templates that you can use in Word/Xcel/PPT or upload as Google docs/sheets/slides - no static PDFs here - these are tools you can actually use. 

  • Kick-off meeting slides: Wow your client right from the beginning. This deck gives you a fill-in-the-blank model for ensuring everyone is 100% clear on the scope, reviewing timelines and deliverables, getting clear on roles, and taking action on next steps.  
  • Project plan & dashboard: Keep everything on track with a clear plan that gives everyone a comprehensive picture of the whole project. This template also includes an automated status dashboard and a backlog to keep track of all of the ideas that aren’t within your scope. 
  • Project budget tracker: Use this budget to keep you and the client on track from contract through completion. 
  • Check-in meeting agenda: Get and give the info you need easily and organize your meetings with clients so you’re positioned as the expert driving the work forward.
  • Project update template: Send your clients regular, standardized updates with the key info they need so you’re not answering endless questions about “where things are at.”
  • Debrief meeting slides: Close out your projects like a pro with a deck that gives you a professional structure for reviewing results and understanding what worked/what can be better next time.

Freelancers make the mistake of letting project management undermine what they’re actually good at. Leverage tools and systems created by a professional project manager so you can do your best work in less time and focus on your unique skill set.  

Many freelancers get stuck on managing projects because it isn’t their natural skill set or area of expertise. All freelancers have to have project management systems in order to do their best work and deliver quality work for their clients. I’ll give you tried and true systems that I’ve used over and over to organize my client work effortlessly. 

With this template kit, you can focus on your skillset - what you’re actually good at - instead of all of the project management logistics.