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You’re on the brink of burnout as a freelancer or consultant... 
  • You're working all the time but not getting ahead
  • Projects you used to love feel like a burden
  • Systems and structures that used to work are crumbling 
  • Money that used to feel like enough isn’t worth it 
  • The market that has been the lifeblood of your business has shifted 
You’ve outgrown your business model, and it’s time to move to the next phase.
But you don't know how to get there (or even where "there" is).

Take the FREE Solopreneur Business Model Diagnostic to understand where you are and the right steps to move forward.

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You've tried everything...
  • Listened to a thousand podcasts
  • Experimented with different services and offerings
  • Restructured your work to get more time and money
  • Delegated and outsourced
  • Consumed hours and hours of content online
  • Read every business and productivity book you can get your hands on
But nothing works because you’re trying to find a solution without understanding the problem.
What if…
  • you woke up every day excited to work?
  • you ended each day and felt “done”?
  • you did what you love without sacrificing time or money? 
  • you were crystal clear on the steps you need to take in your business?
  • you could scale on your terms? 
You can keep applying band-aids to fix one-off issues or take the FREE Solopreneur Business Model Diagnostic to build an intentional path forward.
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This FREE tool has eight key questions to diagnose what's holding you back and give you clarity on the right steps to move forward.


PLUS, your results include access to: 
  • What to start/stop/continue based on the phase you’re in 
  • Key myths that people fall prey to at this point in the solopreneur journey
  • PLUS two weeks of free strategies to get you unstuck
    • The eight competencies of successful solopreneurs 
    • Four ways you can step outside of your struggles to get some perspective
    • Three reasons why you don’t know what you want 
    • The top three mistakes solopreneurs make when organizing their time 
    • And many more…
Get the Clarity You Need

I’m Sarah Duran,

a solopreneur coach who has helped freelancers from all over the world build better businesses. 

I’ve been there... figuring everything out alone, learning what works and doesn’t work for my clients, and constantly refining my business model to give me what I need in life. 

In my work with solopreneurs, I've identified three phases of solopreneur business development. All of the phases are perfectly valid and are the natural development of a business. They are also not linear and do not have specific timelines - you can start at any one of them, and you can stay at any one of them for any period of time as long as you’re getting what you need.

When you’re no longer getting what you need, it’s time to move on to the next phase. If you've hit a wall in your business, it's time to move to a new phase. The results of this assessment will help you identify the phase you're in now so you can take the right steps to move forward.

Life is too short to continue to struggle in your business.

Take the FREE Solopreneur Business Model Diagnostic and get the clarity you need to move forward.

Take the Assessment Now for Free