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The Hustler's Manifesto Podcast

The Hustler's Manifesto Podcast

Hosted by: Sarah Duran

My mission is to help people create meaningful, independent work that facilitates their ideal life. I talk to hustlers of all types about freelancing, labor, capitalism, rest, worth, productivity, the decentralization...

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Episode 20: A Freelance Marketplace Built by a Freelancer with Maari Casey

Anyone who names her business Uncompany is clearly a hustler at heart. Maari Casey cares so deeply about freelancers and the clients they serve. She's built an amazing company that helps freelancers build their...
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Episode 19: The Freelance Revolution in 2024 with Jon Younger

Jon is one of the most knowledgeable people about the freelance global context, and we get to pick his brain about what we can expect on the horizon for the freelance revolution. We talk about how both freelancers and...
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Episode 18: How to Plan for the New Year with Anna Burgess Yang

We're bringing back Anna Burgess Yang to help us think about how to plan for the new year as a freelancer. If you're ready to stop making the same New Year’s resolutions for your business but never achieving them and...
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Episode 17: Better Infrastructure with John Paller

When I came across John's company, Opolis, I knew we had to talk. Opolis is one of the companies pioneering the infrastructure that freelancers everywhere need for the future of work. John Paller is a Denver-based...
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Episode 16: Blue-Collar Freelancing with Adrianna Baros

The first time I met Adrianna, I knew she was a true hustler. We talk about charting your own path as a "blue collar" freelancer and the biases/assumptions people make about working with your hands vs. working in an...
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Episode 15: Price Your Way to Freedom with Robert Vlach

Robert Vlach is one of the most knowledgable people in the world of freelancing, and I'm so excited about this episode! We talk about pricing your way to freedom, the different mindsets freelancers have in different...
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Episode 14: Freelancing is a Journey with Tori Barker

The first time I met Tori Barker I knew we were like-minded solopreneurs. We talk about leaving the corporate world to follow your passions.Tori Barker is the passionate and empathetic leader behind Creative...
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Episode 13: Money Mindset with Austin L. Church

I came across Austin by way of Lizzie Davey's newsletter and am so glad I found him. Like Lizzie and I, Austin leads a double life of being a freelancer and supporting other freelancers. He brings so much expertise...
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Episode 12: Upwork, Kajabi, and Taking Better Vacations with Leah Meyers

If you're new here, Leah is my ride-or-die solopreneur work-wife, who co-hosted The Freelance Revolution podcast with me for two years. This is her first time on the new show, and I'm THRILLED to talk with her about...
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Episode 11: Hustling by Your Own Rules with Mike Dallas-Petersen

Mike is a true hustler at heart. In this episode we talk about how to play by your own rules when building a business. Michael Dallas-Petersen is an entrepreneur, father, and husband based in British Columbia. Michael...
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Episode 10: The Big Secret No One Tells You About Freelancing with Lizzie Davey

I came across Lizzie and her content when she put on a workshop with one of my favorite partners, The Indie List. After connecting, I knew she was a hustler on a similar mission to mine - to make the beauty and...
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Episode 9: Online Learning Content with Chris Badgett

Chris has a super interesting entrepreneurial journey that led him to his current work, where he helps to make sharing expertise more accessible online and level the playing field in DIY education. Chris Badgett is...
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