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I'm hitting the road.


Join me for a series of in-person workshops.


Details, locations, and dates are to be announced shortly.

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What people say about my workshops

“This was incredibly insightful and helpful. It has shifted the way I will see myself going forward. Also, many thanks to the community!”

~ Lisa, workshop participant  

“This session was a great lift! Perfect messaging to remind us about the ongoing struggle of keeping the boss mindset- the struggle is so real... Thank you for being so generous and supportive.”

~ Sam, workshop participant  

“Really enlightening and definitely showcases your first-hand experience with living the life that you’re talking about." 

~ Jennifer, workshop participant  

"Wonderful session.  Very real and honest. ‘Intentionality’ is harder than you think."

~ Bridgett, workshop participant

"Sarah was a fantastic instructor. The entire workshop was engaging, fun, interactive, and educational. Highly recommended."

~ John, workshop participant

I'm Sarah Duran

A solopreneur coach who has helped freelancers from all over the world build better businesses. 

I’ve been there... figuring everything out alone, learning what works and doesn’t work for my clients, and constantly refining my business model to give me what I need in life. 

I built a six-figure business from scratch. 

I've spent over a decade helping people and organizations turn their ideas into action.

As the CEO of Fruition Initiatives, I combine my expertise in operations, organization, strategy, and planning with best practices in facilitation and coaching to help freelancers, consultants, and coaches design better businesses.

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