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Sarah has a way of seeing how people, systems, and projects fit together. She has helped us increase our operational efficiency by revamping our systems and processes. She also manages discreet projects with finesse, ensuring that everything is moving forward while also building buy-in and fostering collaboration. I see her as an integral part of our ongoing business strategy as we continue to scale.  

– Whitney Johnson
Founder and CEO
WLJ Advisors


I have had a successful practice as a massage therapist and esthetician for over 15 years but I was hungry for more, I was feeling stuck in my career and was ready to re-envision my practice. I started working with Sarah in February 2020, learning and gaining deep insight on what my strengths are and how I can put them to my best benefit. And then the most impossible thing ever conceived of happened and the world had to take a deep pause. I closed my practice for my safety and the safety of my clients. But instead of quitting, saying never mind, or bad timing to be reinventing the wheel, we took this time of pause to our benefit and Sarah encouraged me to dream even bigger. Working with Sarah not only provided me insight on strengths and talents that I already possessed but also helped me develop them further for more practical use and execution. I have a plan to reopen my practice and implement my new vision. I am excited to reengage and take the next exciting steps in a more authentic and thriving practice.

– Jade Ortiz
Coaching Client

Sarah is an expert in establishing sustainable systems to ensure long-term success of a project. I cannot imagine how we ever could have executed our multi-year randomized control trial without her support and guidance. Our research project requires a unique set of skills: extreme organization, effective communication, proactive thinking, and comfort working in the educational sector. We were lucky to find all these things in one place with Sarah. I hope I never have to do another project without her.

– Allison Atteberry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Research & Evaluation Methodology
University of Colorado Boulder

 Sarah is an operational mastermind with a gift of driving processes forward so that organizations can optimize their systems and grow. She is an invaluable partner and we are lucky to work with her.

 – Amy Humble
Co-Founder and CEO
White River Strategy

​In coaching me for my dream-job interview, Sarah refocused my energy away from my nerves and towards a clear articulation of my skills. She combined strategies from diverse disciplines to create a bespoke solution for my situation -- more than anything, she knew how to listen for the hidden issues that were tripping me up. Her results-driven approach not only helped me clinch the job, but the interview board even complimented me on my performance.

– Sonya Hansen
Coaching Client

Sarah is one of the best project managers with whom I’ve ever worked. She’s not only extremely dependable and organized, but she anticipates future needs and potential pitfalls in a project that most others don’t. She’s the type of person I’d always want on a project, regardless of the content, because I know she will always make it better.

​– Sarah Forbes
Program Lead
Colorado Education Initiative

​I've had the opportunity to work on several major projects with Sarah, and there is truly no one better when it comes to taking a huge vision and breaking it down into actual tasks. She has the rare ability to see the big picture and what is needed, and then take that and reverse engineer it so the project actually gets finished. Not only that, she thinks ahead and asks the questions that the team hasn't even thought of yet so that we can iterate as the project progresses. In addition, she's been a huge support and fantastic coach for me as I've grown my business - helping me think through what kind of business I want to run and how I want my business to support the life I want to live. Don't hesitate to work with Sarah if you need someone who can help you turn your ideas into action.

​– Macy Robinson
Uplight Creative + Strategy

Sarah is a valuable partner we can count on to help execute projects at the highest level.

 – Corey Smith
Co-Founder and COO
White River Strategy

Sarah is one of the most organized and professional people I have ever worked with. She is an expert in managing projects, people, and facilitating planning. Without her guidance and expertise, I could not effectively manage a collaborative project for 60 teachers across 7 small, rural school districts that span a large geographic area. Her ability to problem solve in a variety of contexts is invaluable.

– Kelly Strong
Regional Literacy Support Specialist
San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services