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Episode 3: Freelancing for Freedom with Tiffany Jones and Beth Gummere

Whenever I talk with Beth and Tiffany from Kenza Collective, I feel incredibly grateful for them as part of my life and as huge assets to the freelance community. Together they run the Kenza Collective, your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about running your own business as a parent. They are also both badasses in their own right.

After 15 years of working for The Man, Tiffany transitioned to a full-time consultant when her daughter was just 10 months old. Taking this leap has given me complete autonomy over how I spend my time and energy, enabling her to become the calm and present Mama she wanted to be. Tiffany is an expert project manager, operations consultant, and fractional CEO.

Beth has been a financial consultant since 2001. A serial entrepreneur with an MBA, she helps small businesses succeed by improving their financial narrative. She’s spent more than two decades seeing the inner financial workings of over 65 companies, including non-profits, ranging in size from $12,000 to $18 million in annual income and has a long list of best practices.

Find Kenza here: https://www.kenzacollective.com/
Find the Kenza pod here: https://www.kenzacollective.com/blog
Listen to their episode on How to Fire a Client here.

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