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Episode 7: Breaking Glass Ceilings with Rachel Everington

The first time I talked to Rachel, I knew she was a hustler at heart - paving her own way, breaking glass ceilings, and helping others build strong independent businesses is her jam.

Rachel is the CEO of an executive assistance and operations agency that supports business owners by removing the day to day overwhelm so that they can get their time back in order to focus on revenue generating activities. A consultant to businesses to support them on their business infrastructure. She is also a coach to virtual executive assistants to create a profitable and sustainable business. After waiting for years to finally get her miracle baby, she had left the corporate world in order to create a business that provided time and financial freedom. She is dedicated to helping others build a business they love in order to create impact in our communities and much more by providing white glove support. She believes that people buy people and not businesses, and that we can all succeed if people were to treat others as humans with love, respect and compassion.

Learn more about Rachel at www.theexecutiveninja.com.

Learn more about Sarah at www.fruitioninitiatives.com.


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