Episode 10: The Big Secret No One Tells You About Freelancing with Lizzie Davey

I came across Lizzie and her content when she put on a workshop with one of my favorite partners, The Indie List. After connecting, I knew she was a hustler on a similar mission to mine - to make the beauty and freedom of freelancing available to more people! In this episode, we discuss the big secret no one tells you about freelancing.

Lizzie is a content writer and strategist for ecommerce tech brands like Shopify, Hotjar, and Klaviyo. When she's not bringing client content strategies to life, she creates workshops, courses, and guides for freelancers at FreelanceMagic.co.

Also follow her on twitter at @lizziedavey check out her podcast: https://itsfineimafreelancer.podbean.com, and newsletter: https://freelancemagic.co/fridaytips-newsletter.

To learn more about Sarah, go to www.fruitioninitiatives.com


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