Multi-task like a pro

Working from phone

I do at least a couple hours of work from my phone each day. While it has been easy to use your phone for email for a while now, new apps now allow you to do everything from bookkeeping to project management from your phone. For most of the platforms I use (Smartsheet, Quickbooks, etc.) there is a mobile app that you can download to access information on the go. I use my phone to work on the treadmill at the gym, while waiting for appointments, and (these days) also while breastfeeding. This allows me to take care of small tasks, like responding to emails, while I am doing other things so I can focus the time I have at my desk on bigger tasks that take more mental energy.

Conference calls

I do a lot of conference calls. As we all know, there are different types of calls – some of them need your full engagement and often interaction with documents, others calls just need you to actively listen and respond, or brainstorm together. During the latter type, I often try to do something else while I am on the call that still allows me to focus, but also gets something else done like folding laundry or cleaning. I actually find that this makes me a more active listener because if I am sitting in front of my computer during calls like this, I often get distracted with email or other tasks.

Audio books

Before I had my daughter I was reading at least three books a month; at least one fiction and one non-fiction. I love reading and it is something that helps me feel grounded and relaxed, not to mention engaged and informed. As a new mom, I haven’t been able to find the same time I had before to read. I’ve always listed to fictional audiobooks for enjoyment, but now I also listen to non-fiction books as a way to stay engaged in other topics I find interesting. I listen to audiobooks when I drive, workout, walk my dog, and do rote tasks that don’t need much attention.

Pre-write emails

I send a ton of emails, as I am sure all of you do as well. Often, I am sending the same (or very similar) email over and over again. Instead of writing this email every time, I keep a document where I have standard emails pre-written so I can just copy paste and hit send. I often organize this by client and project so that they are easy to find and use. Gmail also has cool functionality now too which reads your email and suggests quick responses.


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