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The Antidote to Languishing Isn’t Focus, It’s Idleness

best life better world time Jun 22, 2021

For the last month or so I’ve found it incredibly difficult to be productive.

This is not common for me — I love my job, I love my work, and I love “getting things done.”...

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Time in Crisis: Scrambling and Standing Still

best life better world time Sep 03, 2020

The particular crisis that we find ourselves in now has shifted time in a way that makes it feel more amorphous - the decade that was March, the moment of April, the year of May. The future feels...

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Calling All Hustlers

Sometimes it is only the extreme pressure of circumstances outside of our control that finally give us permission to rethink the direction of our lives, our world.

Things work until they...

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Get Paid What You Deserve

 Whether you work for yourself or someone else, knowing what to ask for when it comes to compensation is tricky. You don’t want to seem entitled, you don’t want to lose out to...
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