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How to Create the Conditions for Your Best Work

I’m a morning person.

The best time of the day for me is from about 3 am until noon. That’s when my brain is humming... and I get most of my work done.

At first, I fought the urge to...

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Procrastinate Much?

February is always a month where I generally feel stagnant, which often leads me to procrastinate in work and life in general. Here are some tips for battling procrastination.

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Multi-task like a pro

Working from phone

I do at least a couple hours of work from my phone each day. While it has been easy to use your phone for email for a while now, new apps now allow you to do everything...

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The Paradox of Working from Home

I love working from home, but it isn’t the best fit for everyone. Many people are either working completely from home or working from home a few days a week. There are two main...

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