Tips From a Couple of Pros

entrepreneur management May 01, 2017

This is small business week! As some of you know, my parents have run their own business since I was very small. I have watched them work incredibly hard, take huge risks (some of which didn't pay off), and constantly think outside of the box to make their business a success. Small business are the heart and backbone of not only our economy but also the American dream (cliché I know, but bear with me). The dedication and grit that it takes to run your own business is something that I have always admired in my parents. Running your own business, whether it is a 100-person company or a one person (and two dog) consulting shop, takes guts but can also have great rewards if you are persistent. I have learned so much from my parents and so many other great leaders (many of whom are hopefully reading this). This month I wanted to pass along some wisdom from my parents, veteran small business owners.

Be ready to manage the downside. The upside tends to take care of itself.

Errors of omission have greater consequences than errors of inclusion.

Play the long game. If you stay in the game you can always stage a comeback.

It is not how many times you say yes that will keep you in business, it is how many times you learn to say no.

You make three promises to your customers: be on time, stay on budget, and provide customer satisfaction. The one you cannot break, without sacrificing the relationship, is number 3. If you blow it on 1 and 2, number 3 can bring it back around.

Say thank you to your employees as often as you can and mean it. You wouldn’t have a business without them.

Trust but verify.

Always keep space in your life for time away from your business. It is part of your life but not all of your life.


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